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My Photographic Journey

A recent Reddit post inspired me to scour through my photographic archives in search of proof that I’ve improved as a photographer over the past several years. My hunt led me on a nostalgic tour through time, questionable data retention

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On Learning, Language, and Psychology…

Within the past six months, I somehow stumbled upon LESSWRONG and added its feed of posts to my RSS reader of choice. Recently, I came across the following post, and it deeply moved me: Mark Eichenlaub: How to develop scientific intuition This

It’s My 22nd Birthday!

How very exciting. I turn 22 today. A Friendly Fox has been up since November 17, 2012. That’s exactly one year and four months ago. There was a waxing crescent moon that night, and daylight lasted for 9 hours and 42

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Instagram Direct is Much Better Than Snapchat

With Instagram 5.0 (Google Play Store, Apple App Store), released earlier today, you can now send photos to specific people with a feature called “Instagram Direct.” It’s obvious that Instagram developed this feature to compete with Snapchat. I’d like to

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iOS 7’s Design: My Problem with Borderless Buttons

  I like Apple. Their hardware, which epitomizes modern design, is powerful and revolutionary. Their sleek software embodies a near-perfect user experience for a majority of their audience. When Apple revealed iOS 7, their latest mobile OS, I was very

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Hello, World!

Hi everyone! Here we go! I’m very excited to start creating content for A Friendly Fox. Head on over to the “About ‘A Friendly Fox’” page for more information regarding what I’d like this site to become. Here’s what the