50 Reasons to Keep Going and Stay Motivated

A calming photo of a Hawaiian sunrise.

Sometimes, we need help when we’re feeling down. Below, I’ve provided a list of some reasons to push through the pain and sadness you might be experiencing right now. All of these reasons resonate with me in some way, and I hope at least a couple resonate with you, too.

Please come back to this page when you’re not feeling well, and pick a couple of reasons that matter to you. Spend a few minutes with your eyes closed, focusing on your breathing and visualizing those reasons.

Better days will come, I promise.

  1. You still haven’t met all of the people who will love you and accept you.
  2. There’s at least one other person out there who is relying on you right now, or who will rely on you in the future.
  3. You’re not finished growing as a person.
  4. There are more beautiful and peaceful hikes through the woods to do.
  5. You have family members who love you very much.
  1. You inspire at least one other person.
  2. There is so much more delicious food out there that you haven’t made or eaten.
  3. Remember those times where you told yourself you’ve “never laughed that hard?” You will have more of those moments.
  4. That was not the happiest you will ever be.
  5. Someone out there wants to give you a hug.
  1. You haven’t found your next favorite coffee shop, bar, or restaurant.
  2. Animals. There’s some fluffy, soft animals out there that you haven’t pet yet.
  3. You haven’t taken your favorite photograph yet.
  4. Someone else needs to hear your story.
  5. Many people say that their most recent year was their happiest year of their lives – life will keep getting better.
  1. The thrill of roller coasters will never get old, and amusement parks are going to continue building even more thrilling rides.
  2. It’s never as bad as you make it out to be in your head.
  3. You will be able to share some of your favorite movies and TV shows with someone else who likes them just as much as you do.
  4. Depression and anxiety are common and treatable.
  5. Feelings of guilt and shame do not last forever.
  1. Your body is so beautiful.
  2. There are hobbies and skills you have yet to develop which you will find fulfilling.
  3. I would miss you if you were gone.
  4. Frosted cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream.
  5. Virtual reality is going to continue to improve, and you’re going to be able to play better games in VR.
  1. You will continue to refine your sense of purpose.
  2. You won’t always feel like you have to censor yourself.
  3. Other people will fully accept you for who you truly are.
  4. More intense and pleasurable moments of sex and intimacy are coming your way.
  5. You will find ways to manage your physical pain.
  1. You will receive more good news.
  2. The sun will come out tomorrow and you will be able to feel its warmth.
  3. Rejection is a sign of progress.
  4. I am proud of you.
  5. There are so many more opportunities for you to cuddle with people who want to cuddle with you.
  1. Driving with the windows down on a cool summer night.
  2. The negative thoughts you have about yourself are lies.
  3. Your next paycheck is coming.
  4. You will look out over the ocean again.
  5. You still haven’t seen the stars at their brightest in the sky.
  1. The James Webb Telescope will produce pictures of the universe you can’t even imagine.
  2. Snow days.
  3. There will be so many more dinners with your friends or family where you will have fulfilling, meaningful conversations.
  4. Board game developers haven’t come out with your favorite board game yet.
  5. You’ll get to roleplay as so many more characters and have fun doing it.
  1. Exercise feels so good, especially after you’re finished with a workout.
  2. Running down a hotel hallway and feeling like you’re going 300mph.
  3. Every new place you live will feel more like home.
  4. Listen to your favorite song on repeat and notice how it makes you feel.
  5. You matter.