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How to Choose the Best Car to Buy: 9 Research Steps

Choosing the best car to buy for you can be a challenge! The number of options available can be overwhelming, and it can be stressful to sort through all of them without a clear game plan. Here are nine clear

My Photographic Journey

A recent Reddit post inspired me to scour through my photographic archives in search of proof that I’ve improved as a photographer over the past several years. My hunt led me on a nostalgic tour through time, questionable data retention

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Best Music of Q4 2018

For many years now, I’ve made one music playlist for every quarter of the year. Today, I’d like to share with you a subset of my Q4 2018 playlist. The subset list is titled “2018 Q4 – Best of the Best”,

On Learning, Language, and Psychology…

Within the past six months, I somehow stumbled upon LESSWRONG and added its feed of posts to my RSS reader of choice. Recently, I came across the following post, and it deeply moved me: Mark Eichenlaub: How to develop scientific intuition This

Perfecting your Audio Input/Output Settings for VR and Beyond

It’s quite difficult to settle on comfortable audio input/output settings from within Windows. All audio hardware is different, and there are many factors that play into how audio playback sounds to your ears and how your microphone input sounds to

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Five Steps for Successfully Photographing the Milky Way

This past weekend, I went on a camping trip to Ocean Cove, a gorgeous campground just north of Jenner, CA. It gets very dark there at night, especially when the moon is new. Just after midnight, I set up my tripod and

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Set the Date of VX8300 & enV Touch Photos from Filename

Before I continue explaining what this is for: If you know exactly what this utility does and you’d like a download link to the Python script, here it is: Introduction A long time ago, I used an LG VX8300

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The Best Trap, Electrohouse, and Electronic Music of March 2014

I rate all of the electronic music in my library on a five-star scale, and only the best of the best get the coveted five-star rating. Here’s a list of my five-star trap, electrohouse, trance, and electronic music tracks of

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It’s My 22nd Birthday!

How very exciting. I turn 22 today. A Friendly Fox has been up since November 17, 2012. That’s exactly one year and four months ago. There was a waxing crescent moon that night, and daylight lasted for 9 hours and 42

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20 Essential Windows Applications You Should Install

There are a few Windows applications I use that I couldn’t live without. I install many of these programs on my personal Windows computers immediately upon a fresh install of the OS, and I urge you to do the same.

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