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Meet the MDN Team: Zach Fox

I excitedly joined the Mozilla Developer Network content team three weeks ago. I originally wrote this post for the MDN blog. I then learned that the post didn’t match the content guidelines for the blog, so I’m reproducing the full text of my draft post here. As I progress through life and learn about what’s meaningful to me, I’ve grown to understand the importance of feeling seen. To that end, I’m grateful to have the…

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Croquet Metaverse Web Showcase on WordPress

In November, I joined Croquet as a Developer Relations Engineer. Shortly after I joined, we launched a product called Metaverse Web Showcase. The goal of Web Showcase is to allow people to embed free, multiuser, 3D Metaverse worlds into their existing websites without giving control of their content to third parties like Meta or Amazon. Around 42% of the Web is built on top of WordPress, so one of our engineers quickly started working on…

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The State of the Metaverse, December 2022

There exists no formal definition of “the metaverse,” and no one individual or organization controls it. The metaverse is bigger than a single application, and it doesn’t look, feel, play, or sound like any one thing. It’s best to define the metaverse as a collection of organizations, tools, applications, and hardware, all of which serve a similar purpose. At the end of this post, I’ll introduce my formal definition of the word “metaverse.” For now:…

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From Hello World to Production: A Path to Web Development Success

I work for High Fidelity, a technology company currently building an API that allows developers to integrate 3D, spatialized audio into their applications. I recently wrote a blog post for us, and I’d like to share it here as well: About 4.66 billion people use the Internet regularly – that’s over half of Earth’s population. Users’ time is split between content on social media, news sites, mobile apps, and more. Often, Web browsers like Google…

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Computers Programming

Set the Date of VX8300 & enV Touch Photos from Filename

Before I continue explaining what this is for: If you know exactly what this utility does and you’d like a download link to the Python script, here it is: Introduction A long time ago, I used an LG VX8300 flip phone. I still maintain it’s the best flip phone I’ve ever used. After that, I used an LG enV Touch, which was also an excellent device. Both of these phones took perfectly fine images…

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A Simple 2D Processing Sketch for Beginners

Here’s a simple Processing sketch that renders some 2D graphics. Maybe it’ll inspire or help you if you’re looking to get into 2D graphics using Processing. As part of my Computer Graphics course, I’m required to write multiple 2D and 3D programs throughout the semester. This was my very first assignment! You can find more information about the Processing programming language at

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