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Croquet Metaverse Web Showcase on WordPress

In November, I joined Croquet as a Developer Relations Engineer. Shortly after I joined, we launched a product called Metaverse Web Showcase.

The goal of Web Showcase is to allow people to embed free, multiuser, 3D Metaverse worlds into their existing websites without giving control of their content to third parties like Meta or Amazon. Around 42% of the Web is built on top of WordPress, so one of our engineers quickly started working on a plugin to make embedding Web Showcase into WordPress sites as simple as possible.

The Croquet Web Showcase WordPress plugin is now publicly available, so you can use it on your own WordPress site:

Here’s the result of that plugin, which shows off some of my NYC skyline photography. Try it out! You can move around the virtual environment with the joystick below and see the details in each of the photos.

Two people looking at this page right now will end up in the same Showcase session and thus will be able to see each other and interact with each other. If everyone in the session joins the spatial voice chat session, they can talk to each other using spatialized audio.

I’m really excited about the future of Web Showcase and about metaverse technologies in general. Metaverse technologies are changing the way that humans collaborate and communicate. You can read more about my take on the metaverse in my post titled “The State of the Metaverse”.

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