Leading Through Fiction (in the Metaverse)

It’s Thursday night, and I’m fighting with a glue stick. Tomorrow is my last day of my Leadership Through Fiction (LTF) class at Columbia, and I’m trying to get my personal leadership credo into my journal. Over the past four days, I’ve written over fifty pages of notes as I learned the ins and outs of personal leadership from Bruce Craven, author of “Sweet Ride”, “Win or Die: Lessons for Life from Game of Thrones“, and “Fast Sofa”.

On the first day, we were tasked with thinking about change. Having learned how journaling primes our brain in specific ways in our “Leadership and Organizational Change” class, it wasn’t a surprise to me that journaling played a heavy role in LTF.

The course focused heavily on drawing from metaphors in storytelling. Throughout the week, we dove deep into topics like self-regulation and ambition, and I alternated between capturing my notes in my journal, on my iPad, and even through a few photos.

It only felt natural to me to me to represent this story in a virtual world as well (scroll down to check it out!). It has easily been one of the best classes that I’ve ever taken, and I want it to continue to hold the weight it deserves in my reality.

Bruce – thank you. I hope to have a poetry book of yours some day.


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  1. I am so glad you had this experience! It’s been a long time for me since a class got me thinking like this… inspired.

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