Tutorial: Project M 3.02 (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mod) on the Dolphin Wii Emulator v4.0.2

Project M

Project M is an incredible mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii which changes the gameplay to more closely resemble its more competitive, more skill-based, and faster predecessor, Super Smash Bros. Melee. Even though Project M is designed to be played on a genuine Wii console, it is possible to run Project M on the Dolphin Wii emulator on your Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux computer!


To begin, you will need to download the following files (Note that some of these programs are Windows-only):

Installing and Configuring Project M

  1. Begin by unzipping Dolphin somewhere on your hard drive, i.e. “C:\Games\Dolphin”
  2. Move your Super Smash Bros. Brawl NTSC ISO to a directory such as “C:\Games\Dolphin\ISOs”
  3. Run Dolphin.exe and set up the emulator to your liking.

These next steps assume you have run and set up your personal preferences within Dolphin, including settings such as controller mapping (I use an Xbox 360 controller), video options, and sound options.

  1. Extract the contents of “Dolphin-SDCard-Maker.zip” somewhere on your hard drive, i.e. “C:\Games\Dolphin\Tools\Dolphin SD Card Maker”
  2. Run Easy Dolphin SDCard Maker.exe.
    1. Under “SD Card Size,” select a size of at least “512 MB.” I selected 2GB here.
    2. Click “Make virtual SDcard.”SD Card Maker
    3. Click OK on the dialog box that appears after a few seconds.
    4. A file called “sd.raw” will appear in your SD Card Maker directory.
  3. Extract the contents of Project M (likely “homebrew.zip”) somewhere on your hard drive, i.e. “C:\Games\Dolphin\Tools\Project M”
  4. Install and run WinImage.
    1. Click “File,” then “Open.”
    2. Navigate to your SD Card Maker directory.
    3. Double click “sd.raw.”
    4. Click “Image,” then “Inject a Folder.”
    5. Navigate to the folder where you extracted homebrew.zip. The correct folder likely contains the folders “apps,” “codes,” and “projectm,” depending on the version of Project: M you have downloaded. Press OK.WinImage
    6. Click “File,” then “Save.”
    7. Close WinImage
    8. Copy “sd.raw” to “<Your My Documents Folder>/Dolphin Emulator/Wii/”.
  5. Extract the contents of the NUS Downloader ZIP (likely “NUSDownloader_v19.zip”) somewhere on your hard drive, i.e. “C:\Games\Dolphin\Tools\NUS Downloader”
  6. Run “NUS Downloader.exe.”
    1. Check the “Pack WAD” box toward the bottom of the window.
    2. Click “Database,” then “IOS,” then “IOS36,” then “Latest Version.”
    3. Click “Start NUS Download.”NUS Downloader
    4. Once the download is complete, close NUS Downloader.
  7. Extract the contents of the Gecko ZIP (likely “gecko1931.zip”) somewhere on your hard drive, i.e. “C:\Games\Dolphin\Tools\Gecko1931″
  8. Open Dolphin.
    1. Right-click “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” in your ISO list and select “Set as default ISO.” (If you don’t have Super Smash Bros. Brawl in your ISO list, make sure you have your ISO directory configured correctly within Dolphin.)
    2. Click “Config” at the top of the Dolphin window.
    3. Click the “Wii” tab at the top of this window.
    4. Check the box to the left of “Insert SD Card.”
    5. Press OK.
    6. Click “Tools,” then “Install WAD.”
    7. Navigate to your NUS downloader folder, then “/titles/0000000100000024/<4 Digits Here>” and double click on the WAD file in this directory.
    8. Click the “Open” button at the top left of the Dolphin window.
    9. Navigate to your Gecko1931 directory.
    10. Double click the “Gecko1931″ folder, then the “HBC” folder, then the “Gecko1931″ folder.
    11. Double click “boot.elf.”boot.elf
    12. Press “OK” on the dialog box that likely appears.
  9. If you’ve done everything correctly so far, you’ll be inside Gecko OS. Note that you will not see the Project M logo inside Gecko, as recent versions of Project M have removed this background image.Capture
  10. You will only have to do the following step once (Every other time you’ll be able to open the Gecko .ELF and press Start Game):
    1. Press Down on your D-Pad and press A when you have selected “Config Options.”
    2. Scroll down to “Gecko Hook Type” and press Right on your D-Pad until you see “VBI.” You shouldn’t have to touch any of the other options.AXNextFrame
    3. Scroll down to “Save Config” and press A. Press B to return to the main Gecko OS screen.
  11. Scroll to “Start Game” and press A.

That’s it! If you’ve done everything correctly, you should be playing Project M. Enjoy!

Note that if you see a screen that tells you that you don’t have enough space left in the Wii System Memory, you can do one of two things: 1. Continue playing without saving, or 2. Download an NTSC Brawl save without custom stages from the Internet (or just download one from me by clicking here - make sure you unpack it first), open Dolphin –> “Tools” menu –> “Import Wii Save” –> Browse to the downloaded save and open it.

A friendly Reddit user by the name of beefforyou has posted a great tip on /r/SSBPM: After you have entered the “Versus” menu and changed the match options to suit your needs, save the emulator’s state by invoking the “Emulation” –> “Save State” –> “Slot One” menu option within Dolphin, or by pressing Shift + F1. Later, you can simply press F1 after starting emulation, and your game will be ready to play. Thanks, Beef!

Please leave a comment below if this tutorial helped you out or if you require assistance. I have verified these instructions multiple times – if you’re still having trouble getting Project: M working using Dolphin, please verify you have properly completed all of the above steps!

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340 comments on “Tutorial: Project M 3.02 (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mod) on the Dolphin Wii Emulator v4.0.2
  1. Orthofort says:

    This tutorial is really useful, this is a confusing process and you certainly made it a lot easier. The one thing that confused me is that the files in the zip from the Project M download itself only contain folders called “apps”, “codes”, and “projectm”, not “apps”, “codes”, and “private”. This made me think I had the wrong download or something, but continuing the process with these files worked perfectly.

    Not sure if it’s from some new version of Project M or whatever, but just thought I’d let you know, and thank you for the great guide!

  2. Trey says:

    When i start it up, project m isn’t on, instead i have the regular SSBB. I found the diagnostic and it said “USB gecko not found”

    • Zach says:

      Sorry, I’m not sure what to tell you. As other commenters and readers have noted, if you follow the tutorial exactly, it will work. Please re-read the entire tutorial and do not skip any steps. If you are confused about a step, post another comment.

  3. Kwoks says:

    Why does the following message load when I launch the game on the Gecko Screen:

  4. Dirigible37 says:

    Hey! Great tutorial, everything works. However, is there a way to add a shortcut in dolphin to Project M? Or is the only way to access it to say open -> boot.elf every single time?

    • Zach says:

      Thank you! I don’t know of a much faster way to get to Project: M. You can add the boot.elf to your ISO directory, and then it’ll show up in your ISO list, but I don’t think there’s a way to boot directly into P:M.

  5. Red says:

    Any chance you know where to go to learn how to make the iso directly from a disc correctly? I own a copy of Brawl and would rather download .rar files or use utorrent. :|


  6. lolgan says:

    I followed this guide, It WORKED perfectly. The guide DOES work , you people just can’t follow it lol. Thanks for the PERFECT guide…

  7. psyiix says:

    Any idea why hyrule wont load (N64 version)
    Game freezes when I pick it.
    Dolphin version 3.5 rev 2468

  8. Kolin says:

    Hi. Maybe I’m just not seeing it but, how can I put project M on my mac if the SD card maker download is only for windows? Is there an OS X alternative I can use?

  9. hi again. I finally downloaded a ntsc iso as you said and it loads up but it’s still just regular brawl. Am I missing something?

    • also, there isnt a private folder in the homebrew folder..

      • Zach says:

        Yes, you must be missing something. This guide works if you follow every step exactly. You need to start over, go back through the guide once more, read it very carefully, and follow every step exactly. Please let me know if there is a step you don’t understand. Do not skip any steps.

  10. Michael says:

    SD.raw is in C:\Users\Gigabyte\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Wii but when i open up Gecko and start the game it says “no sd codes found” and then it just starts normal brawl.

    • Zach says:

      You have probably forgotten to either write the Project: M files to the SD card image correctly, or perhaps you have forgotten to set NTSC Brawl as your default ISO.

  11. viki says:

    ok I have done these instructions over and over again to make sure Ive done it correctly. Im trying to get it going for my 8 yr old boy. Been trying for about a week now. I got all my files in the directories they are supposed to be in. I have the gecko config on VBI…my sd.raw is where is supposed to be…etc. When I launch the game I get NO SD CODES FOUND and regular brawl loads. I had at one point even gotten the error that Jame and a couple of other people got. That goes away tho and just the NO SD CODES FOUND error remains and like I said regular brawl loads

  12. Félix says:

    I am getting 2 errors:(well 3 actualy)

    1: I can’t save settings when I select vbi, it just freezes

    Then I tried to launch the game without setting it to vbi

    2: When I create a new save file, it says that I dont have enough space.

    3: When I select a stage, It just won’t start. It says ready for fight I can still move my right stick but nothing happens.

    What did I do wrong?

    • Zach says:

      You’ve done something incorrectly that’s causing Gecko to freeze when you change the hook type. If you didn’t change the hook type, Project: M won’t run. That takes care of problems 1 and 3.

      As for Problem 2, please read the end of the guide. There are potential solutions for you there.

      • Félix says:

        So I tried without changing the hook type, the classic mode works but not regular fight.

        I tried changing the hook type without hitting save change, It was normal smash but without roy there was wario and some other weird stuff( still freezes at stage)

        So do you have any suggestion on how to fix problem 1?

        • Félix says:

          Edit: It freezes whenever I press save config, not only when i Change the hooktype

          • Zach says:

            Did you remember to virtually insert the SD card after writing the Project: M files to sd.raw using WinImage?

          • Félix says:

            Yes i placed the sd.raw un user>wii>there

          • Zach says:

            Ah, there is your problem. You misread the directions – sd.raw needs to go in “My Documents,” then “Dolphin Emulator, then “Wii,” NOT in the location you have put it. Please reread the guide.

  13. frank says:

    hey, man first of all, thanks for the tutorial, is the only decent one in the whole freaking internet. although i still havent managed, when i start gecko, and then start the game, it just loads the normal smash, also you dont see any banner on gecko.
    I have cheked the other coments and dont seem to find the answer
    * You’re using an old version of Dolphin.,”” nope, it is 3.5
    * You forgot to virtually insert the SD card””. yes i have
    * Your virtual SD card (sd.raw) is in the wrong folder. Put it in your My Documents folder, then Dolphin, then Wii.”” its done
    * You forgot to set Brawl as your default ISO.”” done
    * You’re using the PAL version of Brawl, when you need to be using the NTSC version.””nope, it is NTSC
    * You forgot to set your hook type within Gecko to VBI or AXNextFrame.”” tried both
    * You didn’t extract your Brawl ISO from a RAR.”” yes i did.
    Do you have any clue of waht might be hapening.

    • frank says:

      Also when i open gecko, before it starts, i get a warning message says: IOTL_ES_LAUNCH: Game tried to reload iso or a title that is not available in your nand dump
      TitleID 0000000100000024.
      Dolphin will likely hang now.”

      i dont know if that might give you a better clue, or if this is normal.

      • Zach says:

        Thanks for your thorough investigation before commenting. I’d be happy to try to help you out.

        Since I know this tutorial works if you follow all of the steps perfectly, there must be one step somewhere that you’re missing.

        Did you install the correct WAD into Dolphin from NUS downloader? Can you double check for me that SSBB is your default ISO? You’ve made sure that your sd.raw is in “My Documents,” then “Dolphin Emulator,” then “Wii,” correct? This is all very important.

        • Thomas says:

          awesome guide man! but it doesn’t work, just like frank his problem,
          I did the same things frank did, but my project M homebrew zip didn’t contain the map private, now it had the map project M, with all the smash textures and so on. I put this map also in winimage because i think that is the new private map, but it won’t work….

          • Thomas says:

            and I had ios36 latest version with pack wad

          • Thomas says:

            the gecko says he can’t find sd codes while I put everything from project m in the sd.raw and I copied it to my documents blablabla.

          • Zach says:

            The guide definitely works if you follow all of the steps exactly. You need to start over, go back through the guide once more, read it very carefully, and follow every step exactly. Please let me know if there is a step you don’t understand. Do not skip any steps.

  14. hcamacho03 says:

    i tried opening the boot elf for gecko but all that appears is a black screen

    • Zach says:

      I can’t help you with that amount of information. I recommend you fully run through the guide again and ask any specific questions you have.

  15. Stefen M says:

    I’ve read this guide about a hundred times now, tried to fix and trouble shoot everything i could. Re-installed every aspect of each part of this individually and i still cant figure out why it isn’t loading :\
    I can load Gecko and try and launch M, but it just gives me an error and goes back to Gecko.
    http://puu.sh/7GAOC.jpg This is the error im getting. I’ve tried all the fixes that have already been recommended in this comment section but nothing i do seems to fix it.

    • Zach says:

      Did you install the proper WAD?

      • Stefen M says:

        Yeah i think so, i installed the WAD downloaded from NUS downloader, i clicked pack WAD, and IOS 36 Latest version, (IOS36-64-3608.wad) Is the one i installed .

        • Zach says:

          The only thing I can suggest is starting with a completely clean installation of Dolphin, including removing your Dolphin folder inside My Documents.

          Just yesterday, a friend walked through this guide and had P:M on Dolphin running within 15 minutes without my help, so I know it works.

  16. Shahpour Ismail says:

    Hi, I’m having a few problems:
    When I use WinImage to “inject a folder” I inject it to the correct folder (the one that contains “apps”, “codes”, “projectm” , but the only thing that is added is “gameconfig.txt”…. nothing else.

    Second, I ignored this, kept doing every step (step by step) and I finally reached the gecko screen. The options are: “Launch Game”, “Launch Channel”, “Launch Rebooter”, “Config Options”…etc. But whatever I do I can’t click on anything to proceed (at the moment I’m using a mouse and keyboard as my controller) but still, left clicking and hitting enter does nothing. I am simply stuck on this.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Zach says:

      First of all, you need to make sure that you’re injecting the entire Project: M folder to the SD card. Are you sure you’re not just injecting one file? Are you sure you’re not actually injecting everything?

      Secondly, make sure your controls are set up properly. You must use the D-Pad and the A button to navigate Gecko.

  17. UsableObject says:


    Hey, I’m not sure what problem I’m having but when I start up Gecko OS I just get the normal Gecko screen, and when I click Launch I get this error for a split second before it just starts up normal Brawl. I looked through all the comments but wasn’t sure if anyone else was having similar issues. Anything helps, thanks.

    • Zach says:

      Woah, I’ve never seen that error before. The fact that you get the “normal” Gecko screen is fine – recent versions of Project M got rid of that background image – but I don’t know what to do with that error. The only thing I can recommend is starting from scratch again and letting me know if you still have issues.

  18. yaylimoonyay says:

    Zach Everything worked but on gecko os there is no picture of project m but the project m runs
    and why we select vbi?

    • Zach says:

      Yeah, I mention in Step 12: “Note that version 3.01 of Project M seems to have removed this background image.” The fact that the background image is gone doesn’t affect the Project: M loading or gameplay.

      And I don’t know the technical reason why we select VBI as the Hook Type, but I just know that it seems to make the mod run the smoothest.

  19. Aj says:

    Hey! Great tutorial man much appreciated but I have a question that I don’t see the answer too anywhere on here :p how do I go about adding additional content? Like more slots and what not if you could do you mind making a tutorial or pointing me in the direction of one? Thanks

  20. Sus says:

    I’ve got a problem. The tutorial has been working flawlessly for a while, then one day it just decided to stop working. I had just been playing a few hours earlier, launched it, and it gave me this error.


    No matter what I did it kept doing this. So I re-installed Dolphin, redid the whole tutorial to the letter, and the game launched fine. It had some lag and audio stuttering, which happened the very first time I played. I stopped the emulation and changed some audio settings, which fixed it before. Then I go to open, double click on boot.elf like I always did, and the error is back. I changed the settings back to default as well and the issue persisted. Help?

    • Zach says:

      In step 11.12, I mention: “Press “OK” on the dialog box that likely appears.” This error should not affect the way Project: M loads or plays on Dolphin. Does the error completely prevent you from playing? You should just be able to press OK and continue.

      • Sus says:

        It’s not letting me play at all. When I initially open the Boot.elf file a thing pops up saying something about this being a ROM made by the Dolphin team blah blah blah. That happened when project M was running fine as well. From there the Gecko menu opens up. When I select Launch Game the error pops up. I press OK and am still on the Gecko menu. I select Launch Game again and the error pops up again. I close it and am back on the Gecko menu. It won’t actually take me into project M. The same error pops up no matter what option I select on Gecko, even Exit.

        • Zach says:

          “When I initially open the Boot.elf file a thing pops up saying something about this being a ROM made by the Dolphin team blah blah blah.”

          Could you take a screenshot of this? I’ve never seen this before. In which directory is the boot.elf you’re running?

          • Sus says:

            Here’s a screenshot.


            This message pops up whenever I open any game for some reason, but after I click OK it runs fine. The boot.elf is located at:


          • Zach says:

            What version of Dolphin are you using?

          • Sus says:

            I had been using one of the beta versions when the problem began and when I re-installed Dolphin I used the latest safe build on the site, 4.0.2. Problem is still there.

          • Zach says:

            I have never seen that error message before. What that message indicates to me is that you have changed some configuration setting from the default. It is probable that when you reinstalled Dolphin you did not clear your old settings.

            Try uninstalling Dolphin, completely removing the (My Documents)/Dolphin Emulator folder from your hard drive, reinstalling, and trying the tutorial from the start.

  21. I’m having trouble getting this to work. FIrst off all, I’m another one of the people who tediously and carefully followed these instructions to the teeth, and it still didn’t work. My major problems:
    A. installing the folders in step 7.5. I installed them correctly, but there is no private folder, there’s a project M folder.
    B. Once I got through all the steps, I launch the game and it tells me NO SD codes even after I inserted the SD card and installed the WAD file. Please help.

  22. lucas says:

    hi I cant move when I get to the gecko screen I step 13!

    • Zach says:

      Play with your input configuration. If I remember correctly, the analog stick cannot be used to control Gecko. Try mapping the d-pad to some inputs.

  23. JFMD says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. it worked. I really appreciate the time and effort it took to make.

    Just to let you know, in 3.02 (for me at least) I got the non project m looking background for gecko, but it didn’t matter in terms of having a functioning project m game.

    Thanks again.

    • Zach says:

      You’re very welcome! I’m so glad this tutorial worked for you. Have fun!

      Yeah, I mention that in Step 12: “Note that version 3.01 of Project M seems to have removed this background image.” Thank you for bringing it up, though – it might help others who read the comments.

  24. Falco Lombardi says:


    I was having the same problem as most of the people here, and despite following every instruction perfectly, I was being taken to the gecko screen instead of the Project M one.

    What solved it for me was renaming my brawl iso to “RSBE01″. Project M won’t start unless that’s the name of the file.

    Thanks for your help :D

    • Zach says:

      That’s very strange. The name of the ISO shouldn’t have any effect on whether or not this works. But I’m glad it’s working for you! Have fun!

  25. Jose says:

    Also, the Gecko OS 1.9 screen is the only thing that runs. I launch the game and Brawl comes up. When I downloaded the homebrew project M files, all it had was apps, codes, projectm and gameconfig.txt. I don’t know what to do at this point. Everything is done according to the guide and thats they only thing that messes with me.

  26. Jose Viera says:

    So get to the Gecko OS screen and it doesn’t have any sort of project M icon. I still followed the following steps but I didn’t get anything to work. All it does is launch Brawl in normal form and nothing else. Please help

    • Zach says:

      Read through the rest of the comments. Many others have had your issue. If you follow the guide exactly, you will not have any issues. There are only a few possibilities for your problem, including:
      * You’re using an old version of Dolphin.
      * You forgot to virtually insert the SD card.
      * Your virtual SD card (sd.raw) is in the wrong folder. Put it in your My Documents folder, then Dolphin, then Wii.
      * You forgot to set Brawl as your default ISO.
      * You’re using the PAL version of Brawl, when you need to be using the NTSC version.
      * You forgot to set your hook type within Gecko to VBI or AXNextFrame.
      * You didn’t extract your Brawl ISO from a RAR.

      • Chrozon says:

        I’d like to point out something that really confused me you could keep in mind. Whenever I tried to run the gecko .elf file, dolphin crashed. I tried redoing the steps like 4 times but to no avail. Finally I found out dolphin was using my intergrated Intel HD Graphics to run (by looking at which module caused the crash). I switched it to run on my GeForce GTX760M, and it ran perfectly!

        I still have audio issues though, anyone got any fixes for that? I keeps stuttering. I’ve tried default hook or axnextframe, I’ve tried different modes, HLE, LLE, increasing frame limit, nothing helps.

        • Zach says:

          Thanks for sharing your findings! It makes sense that using integrated graphics would cause Dolphin to not run very well.

          Have you tried changing your hook type to VBI?

  27. Brandon says:

    I have tried this using Dolphin 4.0, 4.06, and 4.09. When using 4.0 and 4.09 I get the Gecko v1.9 boot screen instead of Project M and when using 4.06 I was given the black screen with no text as shown in previous posts.

    In 4.0 and 4.09 I can change the hook settings like shown in the pictures however when trying to start the game I get “Error: No DVD Found” I do have the SSBB set as my default ISO, I have put the SD.raw in the “Insert SD Card” option is check under the Wii tab in config, and I have also installed the WAD file.

    • Zach says:

      That is very strange. There isn’t enough of a difference between those versions of Dolphin for one version to work and the others to not, all things held the same. Are you installing those three versions on the same computer simultaneously?

  28. Blootiful says:

    Kinda stumped here, done everything as per the instructions yet when i go to install the wad file it’ll flash as though it’s done something but the icon won’t show up, and i’m also getting the temple-ey gecko os screen, any help would be much appreciated!

  29. BandAidSmell says:

    “Sd Patch File Not Found”
    I made sure in the wii>Device Settings the “Insert SD Card” checkbox was checked.
    I made Sure brawl was my default iso by right clicking on it and making sure it had a check on it.
    I have rewritten the sd card about 8 times (And knowing that one works on my friends laptop)

    Does anyone know if I missed something or messed something up?.

    • BandAidSmell says:

      Additional information:
      Using brawl NTSC ver, (Normal Brawl works fine)
      The most recent updated version of Dolphine as of (Feb 10th, 2014)
      Nothing is plugged in my PC(Cd, usb, hard drive ect (At one point installing THIS WAS AN ISSUE)
      The Hook type is “AXNextFrame”
      Sd cheats are on,
      Installed the wad

      • Zach says:

        The only thing that stands out to me is that you have SD Cheats on. Have you tried turning that off?

        Otherwise, this is a difficult issue to diagnose without controlling your computer. This guide has worked for many others in the past, so I know that if you follow it to a tee, you will get P:M working on Dolphin.

  30. Lyonize says:

    I’m getting an error when I run NUS Downloader. When I hit “Start NUS Download!” I get this message:

    Starting NUS Download. Please be patient!
    Downloading Title 0000000100000024 v[Latest]…
    [=] Storing WAD…
    [=] Storing Encrypted Content…
    Download failed: “Access to the path ‘C:\Program Files\Dolphin 4.0\Tools\NUS Downloader\titles000000100000024′ is denied. ):”
    NUS Download Finished.

  31. indi says:

    Hi ive followed every step acordingly except from one:
    “8.Copy “sd.raw” to “/Dolphin Emulator/Wii/” and create the necessary folders if they don’t exist already.”

    My dolphin folder dosent contain /Dolphin Emulator/Wii/, it only contains a “Language” folder and a “Sys” folder, theres a “Wii” folder in Sys but it didnt work when i copied sd.raw in there. Brawl started but PM didnt. Thnx for everything!

    • indi says:

      Ok ive found the /Dolphin Emulator/Wii/ folder it was in My documents the whole time. Still i cant run PM, everytime it loads vanilla Brawl. What i’m doing wrong?

      • Zach says:

        Re-read Step 8 – it says that those folders are inside your My Documents folder.

        As for your issue, the comments on this post may be helpful for you. Others have had similar issues as you. You can fully solve your issue by re-reading the guide carefully and going through it again, as these exact steps have worked for me and many others.

      • William Gooch says:

        You have to have a North American copy.

  32. Felix says:

    These directions are simply amazing! thanks a lot! I looked at several youtube videos for installing project M but none of them worked. Your directions were such a save!

  33. Hunter says:

    Alright, I’m getting an arror, “No SD codes found” and then the base game launches, what is the issue?

  34. Nicknich says:

    “No SD code found”

    • Zach says:

      You probably either forgot to virtually insert the SD card in Dolphin’s settings, you forgot to set NTSC Brawl as your default ISO, or you didn’t correctly write the Project: M files to the virtual SD card.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Audio kept skipping, changed the hook type to VBI and it fixed it

  36. Adrian Nieto says:

    Ok another question about this on Mac, I’m trying to find the directory where to insert the Virtual SD Card and I can not seem to locate it because it is different on Mac. I tried going in the application contents and I found a similar folder to put it in but when I load up the gecko boot it says “No SD Codes Found.” I know it cant be the sd card file because I have used multiple ones like the one posted in the comments. If you can find a solution the would be much appreciated :)

    • Zach says:

      The Dolphin user folder for OS X is located in the “dolphin-emu” folder inside the folder from which you’re running Dolphin.

      • Adrian Nieto says:

        I can’t seem to locate such a folder, as of right now my dolphin application is in a folder I named “games” and it is just the application. I am able to go into the packaged contents and go through some subfolders but beyond that I am lost. Would this be a problem with dolphin or my ISO file?

        • Adrian Nieto says:

          Ok scratch that I found a way to make it work, the last thing though is I noticed there is a bunch of lag when I play, is there anything I can do to help with this or is this strictly due to my MacBooks limitations?

          • Adrian Nieto says:

            Also last thing Im pretty sure I’ve resolved most of the video lag but it seems to still be the audio that is lagging.

          • Zach says:

            Firstly: How did you make it work? Others may have the same problem you did, and I’m curious about your solution.

            Secondly: Read other comments for issues with audio. It’s really tough to get audio working 100%. Try using VXI as your hook type within Gecko, too.

          • Adrian Nieto says:

            Thanks that actually fixed it, and as for the video, I just messed with the settings under hacks and as of right now My settings look like this: http://imgur.com/gallery/ZEwRIGP/new

  37. mike says:

    “no sd card found” from gecko… Its in the right folder.

    “C:\Users\MD\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Wii\sd.raw”

    what’s going wrong? =/

    • Zach says:

      Did you remember to virtually insert the SD card in Dolphin’s settings? Are you sure the message isn’t “No SD Codes Found,” which is an entirely different error?

  38. Jake says:

    I got the game running great. Easy to follow guide! I do have a problem with in game sound. The original ISO has crystal clear sound and when I play Project M the sound is terrible, Lags behind, skips ect.
    Anyone run into sound issue like I’m getting, I’m looking for a fix.

    • Zach says:

      Getting perfect sound with Project M is difficult. It might be useful for you to look into integrating the Project M files into the ISO, which may solve the issue. Otherwise, search around the comments here – others have had your problem as well.

  39. Tyler says:

    I did everything in the guide and the default gecko background comes up, which you said it would for later versions of Project M. I changed the hook and started the game and it was regular brawl. I’ve been reading the comments and don’t know where I went wrong. I’d like you to maybe TeamViewer with me to try and fix it if you can, or maybe skype?

    • Zach says:

      You should check the following possibilities:

      * You’re using an old version of Dolphin.
      * You forgot to virtually insert the SD card.
      * Your virtual SD card (sd.raw) is in the wrong folder. Put it in your My Documents folder, then Dolphin, then Wii.
      * You forgot to set Brawl as your default ISO.
      * You’re using the PAL version of Brawl, when you need to be using the NTSC version.
      * You forgot to set your hook type within Gecko to VBI or AXNextFrame.
      * You didn’t extract your Brawl ISO from a RAR.

  40. Roland says:

    So I followed the steps perfectly, yet when I launch from Project m, the screen goes black. I checked and i have Super smash bros set as default iso. Cant seem to figure out why its not detecting it.

    • Roland says:

      edit: The launcher also looks different when i open gecko.OS and when i go to exit it says “end dolphin emulation” yet at the top left it has the Project m logo

      • Zach says:

        You should check the following possibilities:

        * You’re using an old version of Dolphin.
        * You forgot to virtually insert the SD card.
        * Your virtual SD card (sd.raw) is in the wrong folder. Put it in your My Documents folder, then Dolphin, then Wii.
        * You forgot to set Brawl as your default ISO.
        * You’re using the PAL version of Brawl, when you need to be using the NTSC version.
        * You forgot to set your hook type within Gecko to VBI or AXNextFrame.
        * You didn’t extract your Brawl ISO from a RAR.

  41. Ryuma says:

    it didnt work out for me, quiet sure I didnt get step 7.8 a right, becuase I am really not sure where to put the sd.raw copy and I dont have the same folders as you do

    • Zach says:

      Like step 7.8 says, you need to place sd.raw in your My Documents folder, then “Dolphin,” then “Wii.” If you don’t have those folders, you need to make sure you’re using the latest version of Dolphin.

      • Tim says:

        Can you update this post for the current version of Dolphin (4.3) The filepath is now documents>dolphin>SYS>wii, but placing the sd card here does NOT work. It would be a shame to use an older version of dolphin just to get PM to work. :(

        • Zach says:

          Your information is incorrect. Firstly, the latest version of Dolphin is 4.0.2. Secondly, the correct file path for “sd.raw” is indeed “Your Documents Folder” > “Dolphin Emulator” > “Wii,” just as I state in the post. Project M works perfectly using this configuration – to make sure, I just booted it up.

          If you need help getting P:M working, please let me know.

  42. I have pre-created many of the files you must make in order to load and play Project M on Dolphin.

    With these files you will not need the SD image maker or WinImage. I have already done those steps for you.

    The files are as follows.

    An empty 2GB “sd.raw” file. This 11KB file WILL >>expand<< to 2GB once uncompressed.

    Similar to above, a 2 GB SD file pre-loaded with Project M. Unzip and place in the proper directory.
    – Go to my shared folder link at the bottom of this post. (Still uploading.)
    A 1 GB SD file pre-loaded with Project M. Unzip and place in the proper directory.
    – Go to my shared folder link at the bottom of this post.

    Optional SD Card files.
    – An empty 1 GB "sd.raw" file. Compressed.
    – — http://www.mediafire.com/download/3m5rc2a88s2b1d9/Raw%20SD%20(1GB).rar
    – An empty 512 MB "sd.raw" file. Compressed. (Note this will not hold Project M.)
    – — http://www.mediafire.com/download/atzr98membyy4et/Raw%20SD%20(512MB)

    My Project M setup folder. In case there's anything I missed here.

    Cheers, and have fun Brawling.

    • Zach says:

      Great idea. Thanks for your help and for uploading those sd.raw files.

    • Thomquist says:

      I fixed the game and it runs well except the audio is very fuzzy. There is almost constant static and occasionally small skips. The game runs at 1080p 60 fps no problem so I don’t think its the HLE.

      • Zach says:

        Did you try changing your hook type to VBI? Read through the comments here – others have had some thoughts on fixing the rampant audio issues associated with P:M on Dolphin.

  43. Jordan Carvajal says:

    I get an error when opening the elf file saying “IOCTL_ES_LAUNCH: Game tried to reload ios or title that is not available in your nand dump TitleID 0000000001000000024 Dolphin will likely hang now” What do I do?

    • Zach says:

      Did you install the WAD you downloaded using NUS Downloader?

      • Jordan Carvajal says:

        I’ll get back to you later, I’m going to re-do everything when I get home, I was using the old emulator 3.5

      • Jordan Carvajal says:

        Do you think you could get on a skype call and help me out? I’m a hardcore melee player wanting to venture into the Project side

      • Jordan Carvajal says:

        I tried it again and it is at the gecko os screen without the pm logo or bg :/

        • Zach says:

          If you’re using the latest version of P:M, the background image has been removed.

          If you’re comfortable with it, I can take over your PC using TeamViewer and fix your problem. I’ll send you an email.

          • Thomquist says:

            I have the same issue if this was ever figured out.

          • Zach says:

            I did figure out Jordan’s issue. He forgot to extract his ISO from a RAR file. Just as I’ve stated in other comments, please read through the entire guide and make sure you’re not skipping any steps. If you follow this guide exactly, Project: M will run on Dolphin.

            Perhaps check the following possibilities:
            * You’re using an old version of Dolphin.
            * You forgot to virtually insert the SD card.
            * Your virtual SD card (sd.raw) is in the wrong folder. Put it in your My Documents folder, then Dolphin, then Wii.
            * You forgot to set Brawl as your default ISO.
            * You’re using the PAL version of Brawl, when you need to be using the NTSC version.
            * You forgot to set your hook type within Gecko to VBI or AXNextFrame.
            * You didn’t extract your Brawl ISO from a RAR.

  44. Adrian Nieto says:

    I am trying to run this on my Mac Book Pro, I am running Dolphin 4.0. You said that some of these programs will only work with windows so would I have to get some kind of software like wine to run them? Or is there anyway else around this? I am hoping that there can be some other way because I do not like using programs like wine because they can get annoying.

    • Zach says:

      Unless you can find Mac-based programs for NUS Downloader, SD Card Maker, and WinImage, you will probably have to use a Windows computer to generate the SD card file containing Project M. Once you have that virtual SD card, you can move it back to your Mac and play Project M.

  45. Steve says:

    Hey, great tutorial. However, I did manage to have the same “did everything but still getting the gecko temple” problem. After much close reading, I figured out where I went wrong. Step 7.5 reads “Navigate to your Project M folder. Click it, then press OK.” – this is incorrect. One must inject the “homebrew” folder. The mistake is that “projectm” is a smaller folder within the homebrew folder, but without all that is pictured, the proper gecko os will not appear.

    Great tutorial, You’re a smart and cool person for this write up.

    • Zach says:

      Thanks for your comment! I now understand why some people might be having trouble getting Project: M to work using my tutorial. I’ve updated the post to be more clear at that step.

      You’re a cool person for your comment! Thanks again.

  46. Gemini says:

    Hmmm… When I open the elf file gecko opens, but it is not project m. It just says gecko and has a gecko and a temple like design?

    • Zach says:

      Please read through the comments of this post. Your issue has come up multiple times, and I have had conversations with others surrounding it.

      Make sure Brawl is your default ISO.

      • Gemini says:

        Yep it is the default ISO. I deleted everything and re-downloaded and re did all the steps and I still come up with the same problem?

        • Zach says:

          Which version of Dolphin are you using, and did you remember to virtually insert the SD card?

          • Gemini says:

            Ok I figured it out. I installed the version of dolphin you used in the tutorial, i was using the newest one. Somehow I got it to work. Thanks!

          • Gemini says:

            Although I spoke to soon. I get the project M logo on gecko, but when I launch it it’s just normal brawl. I did import the SD card. So I don’t really know what is wrong. I’ll look through the comments.

          • Zach says:

            I’m sorry that you’re having trouble. I wish it were easier for me to diagnose your problem without being in front of your PC. Take a look at step 7.5 again – another friendly commenter noted that that part caused him trouble, and perhaps that’ll solve your problem.

  47. William Gooch says:

    I’m having an issue. So I followed your tutorial exactly, and everything seemed to work fine. Gecko loaded with the logo and everything. However, when I started the game, it was just regular Brawl. So I searched for what the problem could be. I’m using Dolphin 4.0, and made sure to get the same version tools as you did. A lot of people here had issues with it, and it was solved by setting Brawl to the default IOS, which I have. I’ve been fiddling around with it for awhile, rebooted my computer, reinstalled it from scratch, and I still can’t figure out the issue.

    • Zach says:

      This is very strange. Just to make sure I understand your problem: Gecko OS shows the Project: M logo, but when you start the game, it’s just regular Project: M? Did you remember to change your Hook Type within Gecko?

      • Henry Kage says:

        I also ran into that problem too. It loaded up ok with the Project M logo, but then when I tried to start it, it went to regular Brawl. How do you change the Hook Type within Gecko? Also, I did that and it still didn’t start Project M.

        • Henry Kage says:

          This is weird, but when I left the Gecko Hook type to default, Project M worked :3

          • Zach says:

            I assume you figured out how to change the hook type?

          • Henry Kage says:

            Yep. Figured out how to change the hook type. Now I just need help with dealing with the audio lag and the game lag. Plus, I can’t seem to find anyone who’s having the same problems. I also tried what ShadicX said and that just booted up regular Brawl. But honestly, I can’t find anyone in the comments who has the same issue with audio lag (the audio keeps going so slow and out of sync) and there’s times where the game works fine with the controller inputs, but then lags horribly.. :(

            Makes me wish Dolphin came with an update that’s exclusive for Brawl/Project M…

          • Sage says:

            I’m having a similar problem.
            I’ve tried EVERY Gecko hook type, but I just get regular brawl instead of Project M, even though I see the PM logo in Gecko…

      • Henry Kage says:

        Hey, I have a problem with Dolphin and playing the game. The audio keeps on stuttering and the game keeps lagging for me. I also can’t find anything about best configurations for playing the game on Dolphin. Is there anyway you can help me through this?

        • Zach says:

          Please read through the comments of this post. Your issue has come up multiple times, and I have had conversations with others surrounding it.

          • Henry Kage says:

            One more thing about that issue too. Its weird that the VPS and FPS runs perfectly whenever I’m in the Project M menu, but then when the game starts, the VPS on Dolphin and FPS drastically drops all of a sudden and that’s when it starts the audio lag horribly. The game lags too after that :(

          • Zach says:

            What are your PC’s specs?

          • Henry Kage says:

            4 GB of RAM (3.60 usable)

            Processor: AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.65 GHz

            System Type: 64-bit Operating System

            Are these the specs you’re looking for..?

          • Zach says:

            There’s your problem. Your PC likely isn’t powerful enough to run Dolphin at full speed.

          • Henry Kage says:

            Damnit…. :( What should I do then…?

          • Zach says:

            You’ll need a better PC.

      • William Gooch says:

        Gecko OS shows the logo, but when I launch the game, it is just regular Brawl. No changes at all, not the background, the characters, or anything.

        And yes, my hook type is AXNextFrame.

  48. Daniel says:

    Tengo un problemas! me sale todo! abreo el Gecko me aparece el logo de project M pero cuando lanzo el juego me sale: THIS GAME REQUIRES IOS 36 IOS NOT FOUN! ayudaaaaaaaaaa1

  49. yonoober says:

    Hey, thanks for the guide! Very informative, and I got the game to work, but there’s one small problem.

    It’s a little laggy, and there’s a lot of audio stutter. How can I fix this?

    • Zach says:

      What are your PC’s specs?

      As for the audio stutter: Read through the rest of the comments here; a bunch of other comments discuss audio issues.

  50. Marifrit says:

    I fixed the rest by myself thanks or the help

  51. Marifrit says:

    I Gecko to start but it did not have the project M logo and when I started my game it still played brawl and when I go to “/titles/0000000100000024/ there is no WAD file.

    • Zach says:

      You need to download the WAD file using NUS downloader before you can install it. Once you download the WAD, it will be located inside your NUS downloader folder, then titles, then 0000000100000024, then inside a folder with four digits.

  52. This is very weird, I can get to Gecko just fine but it doesn’t detect my inputs! I opened up brawl normally and it DOES detect my inputs from my wii remote, but why doesn’t Gecko?

      • Yes, I think I’m having the same problem as him! But since I know that a gamecube controller will work, I’ll try that! Thanks for your help!

      • 228zip says:

        I strongly suspect I’m having the same problem, just without a wiimote involved. The game seems to be ignoring my controller settings entirely, even down to which controller are in use and what type they are. Even if I set Dolphin to have no controller at all, the game and Gecko OS will react to my GC controller (plugged in through USB with an adapter), and only that one, which will be in slot one and interpreted as a gamecube controller rather than a classic controller which is what I have set it up as. All the buttons are exactly where they should be (and I can’t switch any of them around), so I’m able to play solo without a hitch, but there is no way to do any multiplayer. Any ideas on how I would fix that ?

        • Zach says:

          That’s very strange. I wonder if Dolphin has issues with native Gamecube controllers plugged in via USB.

          I use Xbox 360 controllers for all of my Dolphin emulation, and I have never had any input problems in any way.

          What happens if you unplug your GC controller, plug in a virtual controller, and change your controller 1 input settings to work with your keyboard? Does your keyboard then work universally while emulating?

          • 228zip says:

            Turns out it’s linked to the GCPad settings. Any controller set up in that window will be considered to be connected to the Wii over the emulated wiimotes. Now to figure out how to get multiple controller to actually work in there.

          • Zach says:

            I don’t understand what you’re saying, but it sounds like you have things under control. Have you messed with the “Device Settings” in the “Config” –> “Gamecube” tab?

          • 228zip says:

            Under control indeed. I did not know that the Gamecube controller settings had any influence on the Wii ones. Basically if you have an emulated GC controller and wiimote in the same slot, the GC controller will take priority. In the case of this game you probably want to leave your wii settings without any wiimotes then set your controllers in the Gamecube section.

          • Zach says:

            Thank you for sharing your findings with everyone! :)

    • Huesoman says:

      I think I found a solution to this problem. When I tried to play “Project M” it didn’t read my controller inputs (I was using a “Emulated Wiimote” via a Keyboard), then I read in the comments that this homebrew (Project M) isn’t compatible with some Wiimotes but we could play it via a GC controller, so I used a Emulated GC controller (via keyboard too) and it worked fine; but I wanted to play it with a wiimote (not a real one but via my keyboard) and after some trials I found this: you can use the wiimote controller configuration (via keyboard) if you choose “Hybrid Wiimote” as your input source; to do this open Dolphin, then click the “Wiimote” tab, then set the “input source” to “Hybrid Wiimote” then click the “Configure” button and proceed to configure your Wiimote settings. It worked for me, I hope it work for you all that ran to the “wiimote controller not working” issue.

      Note: I used Dolphin 3.0, and the “Hybrid wiimote” option worked, I don’t know if this “trick” will work with newer versions, please let all of us know if you get it work in newer versions. Btw, this “Project M” tutorial works even for Dolphin 3.0, I can attest to that.

      • Huesoman says:

        NINJA EDIT:
        When trying to play the game again I found that Dolphin won’t read the controller inputs at the “Gecko Menu” screen, if you have choosen “Hybrid Wiimote” as your input source. So, to avoid this, you should use “Emulated Wiimote” as your input source during the “Gecko Menu” screen, now you can start Project M. Now launch the game, and during the cinema intro, maybe earlier, change “Emulated Wiimote” to “Hybrid wiimote” as your input source in order to make Dolphin read your inputs again.

        So, in conclusion, choosing “Emulated wiimote” as your “input source” (on the Wiimote tab in dolphin’s main menu) let Dolphin read your controller inputs at the “Gecko Menu” screen; and changing to “Hybrid Wiimote” as your “input source” let Dolphin read your controller inputs during the game. If you want you can go back from “Hybrid Wiimote” to “Emulated Wiimote” during the game and dolphin will keep reading your inputs. Hope this help you.

  53. John says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I had massive problems getting pm 3.0 working with this guide in dolphin 4.0.2. I followed everything to the letter, and when I would enter gecko and launch the game it would just launch normal brawl and then crash. To fix this, I used wiiscrubber to make a custom project m brawl ISO by replacing all the required files on the brawl iso with those from the project m homebrew zip. It now works flawlessly. Also, if you keep your audio on DSP HLE and XAudio2 and set your gecko hooktype to VBI, the stutter, static, and sound issues go away (almost) completely. I’m now running pm at 60fps at 4x internal res with little to no lag whatsoever.
    I have not had many chances to test right now, but I’ve played a few matches already without any crashes or major issues, which is a pretty good sign.

    • Zach says:

      Hey John. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had problems with this guide, but I’m glad you found a solution.

      • THATGUY1 says:

        Zach i have one problem when ever i try to save after setting it to the AXNextFrame it wont wont save and the game does’nt boot up to Project M even do i it go without saving it

        • Zach says:

          Hey ThatGuy. Please read the bottom of my post – it contains a note about saving your game, a place to download a complete Brawl save, and instructions for importing that save.

      • John says:

        Yeah, it all seems a bit finicky. I may have missed something somewhere, but I could have sworn that I did everything as outlined. Anyway, launching the custom patched ISO from the PM gecko works fine for me. I’ve once again changed the hooktype, apparently default works the best for me. After around a day of relatively constant use, I have not had any audio issues or crashes whatsoever. I’ve tested classic mode (with roy/other new stuff) which worked perfectly, and even tested out portions of subspace which seemed to work fine. I have been playing against cpu’s (many times with roy/mewtwo/giga bowser/characters with new custom outfits, usually 4 player games) which have not seemed to slow down my emulator whatsoever (despite the warning given by the PMBR). I have toned down the internal res to around 2.5x to 3.0x, just because pm seems to be a little more CPU intensive at times as opposed to vanilla brawl, but it was nothing major. I simply just prefer having a /constant/ 60fps, and get really annoyed during random dropouts. Anyways thanks for the guide, I wouldn’t have been able to play PM during my college break without you!

        • Zach says:

          Yeah, I’ve heard good things about patching the ISO instead of using the SD card method. Maybe I’ll write another guide about it if I try that and it works better.

          You’re very welcome – I’m happy to hear that.

    • iCpryde says:

      Hey John could you please write a guide on how you did this? This seems like a cleaner and simpler and less resource hungry version of playing brawl on your computer I have a really fast PC just built and I am having audio stutters and some lag issues running on 2 or 3x resolution as standard resolution is just to ugly to play on. I hope you can write a guide on this wiiscrubber and explain what you did thank you :)

  54. ShineluX says:

    Works fine, it seems that there are several people.Thanks Zach,Obrigado!

  55. Steve says:

    So whenever I try to open Project M with the boot.elf I get this

    Not really sure what I did wrong, I followed every step

    • Zach says:

      Did you make your NTSC ISO of Brawl your default ISO within Dolphin?

      • Steve says:

        Yeah the Brawl ISO is the default ISO.
        Whenever I hit enter I get this error
        And Dolphin stops working

        • Zach says:

          Did you remember to virtually insert the SD card? Is the SD.raw file in the right spot? Did you install the WAD file as per step 11.6?

          • Steve says:

            I re-did the entire process. I checked the box for insert SD Card, and the sd.raw is in the Dolphin>users>Wii folder. I installed the WAD according to step 11.6 but I still get the same screen.

          • Zach says:

            It looks like you misread the directions. If you’re using the latest version of Dolphin 4.x (which you should be), sd.raw goes inside your My Documents folder, then “Dolphin Emulator,” then “Wii.” Try that and let me know if that fixes the problem.

            Putting sd.raw in the Dolphin>Users>Wii folder is only for older versions of Dolphin.

  56. :3 says:

    The game freezes when i go into character select and the audio repeats itself, how do I fix that?

  57. Daniel says:

    I’ve done everything you said here properly, but, when I start ProjectM, I don’t see any diferencies, except it’s like a Brawl with 0 progress, I have to do something else?

  58. mixxanber says:


    Thank you very much for this guide, but for some reason, when I open up boot.elf it simply opens up a black screen. http://i.imgur.com/FVRNMjF.png

    Thanks again.

  59. Chase Fury says:

    Seems like my problem is a bit deeper. I have the Europe iso because it was the only one i could download directly. All the USA ones require utorrent which i cant use.

  60. Atila says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t find “/titles/0000000100000024/”… Could you help me? I just don’t know where it could be. @_@

  61. GLaDOS says:

    Hello Zach,

    Firstly, I would like to extend an immense thank you for your hard work on this exceptionally and thorough guide – it really has been helpful!

    Secondly, you have probably heard the Project M 3.0 is coming out. I was wondering if I would have to do a complete clean install (delete all the pre-existing files) and then reinstall 3. 0 by redoing all the steps? Or is there an easier method of upgrading?


    • Zach says:

      Hi GLaDOS (AKA Ben)! You are very, very welcome. Thank you for your appreciation!

      As for updating to Project M 3.0, simply perform steps 5-7 again, overwriting your previous SD.raw file. Then, run Project M as you normally would. All you are doing there is creating a new virtual SD card and placing P:M 4.0 on it.

      Have fun! I can’t wait to play 3.0 with my friends.

  62. chanka says:

    how can i added a new texture, what do i need?

  63. rolf says:

    Hey All -

    Got the game to work. Thanks for the tut. I do have one problem, though. When I launch gecko, i can only control it with a GC controller (keyboard.) The wiimote, though it works in brawl, doesn’t work in the OS. It does tell me it’s connected and I’ve tried pressing ALT-F5 to reconnect. I also tried making it player 2 and, separately, disconnecting the GC controller and setting the wiimote back to player one. Either way, wiimote never works.

    Any ideas?

    • Zach says:

      I’m glad you got the game working.

      According to this forum thread, newer Wiimotes don’t work with homebrew. Perhaps that is your problem?

      • rolf says:

        I actually have two very old wiimotes. No motion plus. I have done all of this and more on my wii console, and everything works fine. If I recall correctly, I bought this wii (and wiimotes) the year it came out.

        I actually read that same thread, too. I tried the version of the programs you used and the newest, same problems.

      • rolf says:

        Found this on another forum:
        An old Wii-mote Plus will read as an RVL-CNT-01 when connected.
        The new non-homebrew working one will read as an RVL-CNT-01-TR.

        Confirmed I’m using old wiimotes.

        • Zach says:

          That’s very strange. Though as long as it isn’t affecting your gameplay, it doesn’t seem like it’d be that big of a problem. Let us all know if you come up with a solution.

  64. Jordan says:

    I am missing config.dat when i inject homebrew. Ultimately I am getting the general gecko boot screen instead of the project M one. I seem to have done everything right beside that.

  65. ShadicX says:

    Alright guys for those of you that have dolphin crash after a few matches i have a bootleg solution: In the DSP settings change the audio Backend to DSound, this will prevent dolphin from crashing, however this will make the audio have a slight delay(about 1sec) and it will not sound as good as XAudio2.

    Also after a few matches the audio will turn into garbage audio/ear rape(constat static with some other crap thrown in) this happened with DSP HLE will test with DSP LLE and see if any changes exist.

    • Zach says:

      Thanks for sharing your results here! My findings confirm exactly what you’ve said so far. I decided that the audio glitches were worse than the crashes, and kept my audio backend set to XAudio2…although sometimes the audio glitches were hilarious.

      Let us know what you find when you use DSP LLE!

      • ShadicX says:

        So after about 2-3 hours of just testing things out i can safely say that setting the audio backend to DSound with DSP LLE will prevent all crashes and have no audio bugs!
        The only thing that remains is that slight audio delay, which is not that big of a deal.

        A few things to consider; either the audio backend, DSP LLE or the combination of both seem to be very sensitive about brstm’s(custom songs) that are not properly made.
        In my testing i made quite a few custom songs and most if not all would glitch out or turn to static, this can be fixed by simply exiting the current match or if playing it in the music section just stop playing it, so my suggestion to avoid this issue is to either makes these brstms perfectly or just simply download them from “brawlcustommusic.com” as these are very well made and i had no problems in my testing.

        So with all that said enjoy playing project m without it crashing every few matches.

        • Zach says:

          Wow! Fantastic, thanks for your work. I’ll have to try out your settings.

          Also, I edited your comment to read what you meant! :)

          • Benjie says:

            I have another problem with the audio.
            I have settings on Dsound with DSP LLE but there is something weird.
            The music plays fine but there is a weird volume drop/lag every second.
            I’m running dolphin 4.0 and project M 3.0.

            Thanks is advance, and thanks for the tutorial.

          • Zach says:

            That’s very strange. Have you tried other audio backend settings? And by “lag” do you mean that the sound effects eventually go completely out of sync from the video, even though the music keeps playing fine?

          • Clay says:

            I am having the same issue as Benjie I believe. I have audio gaps for a couple milliseconds every 1-2 seconds or so in the menus, and much more frequently during gameplay. The audio never goes out of sync with the video and the video is perfect. There is also a constant background static that accompanies the millisecond silences. It’s all quite annoying to listen to, so any help in getting this fixed so my friends and I can start playing would be appreciated.

            To be clear, here’s what I have tried:

            DSound – DSP HLE emulation (fast) = Audio cuts AND static
            DSound – DSP LLE recompiler = Audio cuts but NO static
            DSound – DSP LLE interpreter (slow) = Audio cuts but NO static

            XAudio2 – DSP HLE emulation (fast) = Audio cuts and static
            XAudio2 – DSP LLE recompiler = Audio cuts but NO static
            XAudio2 – DSP LLE interpreter (slow) = Audio cuts but NO static

            I hope you see this, because I could use a little help. Thank you!

          • Zach says:

            This is very strange. I haven’t encountered this problem personally.

            I appreciate your thorough test cases. Have you tried using OpenAL as your audio backend? What are your computer’s hardware specifications?

  66. Ya Dad says:

    When I load the boot.elf it tell me that no SD codes were found, and with the main.dol it says no DVD found. Either one I use, it still has the Proj M style Gecko screen. My SD card is in right place (User, Docs, Dolphin Emu, Wii) and it’s called “sd.raw”.

    I also notice that I have a couple more options on my Gecko Screen: Launch Channel, Launch Rebooter, and Rebooter options. What am I doing wrong??

  67. Maur says:

    Yeah I know that you were meant to do that, all other games worked fine except for this. For some reason today when I opened it it was suddenly working, thanks so much for this!

  68. Maur says:

    Everything is fine until I open the OS, I have no control and can’t move up or down or press a, what should I do?

    • Zach says:

      You need to modify your input settings within Dolphin, which is not covered in this guide. Click “Input” on the main Dolphin window and modify your settings from there – it’s fairly self-explanatory :).

      • Evan says:

        I am having the same problem. I have tried everything but I am stuck in the OS and can’t control anything. I have tried 2 different Wii Motes, and they do not have motion plus. I have tried reconnecting it, removing and re-adding via bluetooth, using a keyboard, but nothing works. Any ideas?

  69. mel says:

    Guide worked perfectly, thank you for taking the time to make it!

  70. Jame says:

    I need help, my game was working fine yesterday but now I get an error when trying to launch the Project M game.
    IOCTL_ES_LAUNCH: Game tried to reload ios or a title that is not available in your nand dump\n” “TitleID 0000000100000012.\n Dolphin will likely hang now
    TitleID 00000001000000002.
    Dolphin will most likely hang now.

    I tried everything, ssbb is my default ISO and I followed all of these steps again but I don’t know the problem.

    • Zach says:

      That’s the warning message I’m referring to in Step 11.12. of my guide. You should be able to click “OK” and continue on normally.

      I have always received that warning message every time I start up Project: M, but it has never prevented me from playing the game.

      • Jame says:

        It lets me get to the title screen of Project M. After that if I try enter any buttons I get the error and pressing OK doesn’t let me go any further.

        I don’t know if it means anything but i skipped the last step the first time I played Project M.

        • Jame says:

          Hi, I fixed the problem. I disabled “panic handlers” and the game works as normal.

          I want to thank you for this guide, I’ve always wanted to play Project M on my pc. :P

  71. Redd says:

    Hello, thank you for your informative guide.

    I am using Dolphin 4.0.1 and followed your guide exactly. However, when I set the Gecko hook type to “AXNextFrame” the audio breaks and sounds like static. I set the hook type to “VBI” and it works pretty well, asides from Dolphin crashing every few games.

    Do you know how I might fix that audio problem?

    • Zach says:

      Unfortunately, I have always had minor audio issues with Dolphin, especially with Project: M, including static-y and choppy audio. I have just learned to live with these issues.

      You may want to try changing your “Audio Backend” settings in Dolphin’s DSP configuration panel. Try all three audio backends. I have better luck with some than others.

      Dolphin crashes every few games of P:M for me as well. The frequency of crashes changes based upon my current version of Dolphin. That indicates to me that the Dolphin team is working on some of these issues. Always keep your version of Dolphin up-to-date.

      Good luck!

  72. ZSuit7 says:

    I keep getting this http://i.imgur.com/RjK9kda.png
    I am running on dolphin 4.0. And yes my 1GB sd.raw (created by sdcardmaker) is in My Documents/Dolphin Emulator/Wii. Installed the WAD file created by NUS’s IOS36 installation. I have also checked my brawl.iso as default and ‘insert SD card’ in dolphin config. As well as changed my hook type to AXNextFrame. But when I try to launch game it just keeps giving me that linked picture.
    I’ve double checked that project M is in the sd.raw with winimage many times, and tried also with a 2gb version as well. The M files are in there, but apparently it’s not finding the ‘SD codes’ in it whatever that means.
    I’ve been trying for several days to get this working to no avail and it is frustrating me that it refuses to work. Please help.

    • Zach says:

      I’m sorry you’re having this problem. Are you using a PAL or NTSC ISO of Brawl?

      • ZSuit7 says:

        I believe its PAL. I wasn’t sure how to check so I went back to where I found the ISO torrent. Is PAL incompatible or something?

        • Zach says:

          I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this – I didn’t notice your reply.

          Yes, PAL ISOs of Brawl are completely incompatible with Project: M. Use an NTSC ISO.

          • ZSuit7 says:

            Its alright friend, I figured it out a while ago. I just overlooked the “NTSC ISO” part. Thanks for the tutorial.
            PM has a running like a charm. I’ve got a bunch of cool skins and stages from brawl vault to spice up the game a bit. The only issue I’ve had with it is that I can only play about 3-4 games before it crashes. I’ve been coping with it so far, but just recently I had a little brawl party with some friends (We hooked my comp up to a huge plasma screen TV. The game looks amazing, and far more beautiful compared to running it off a wii XD). The consistent crashing really ruined the flow of our games and was just a huge bummer the whole time.
            Is there any way at all to fix this? Would a different version (as opposed to homebrew) that would work? Also, what is d3d11? I read someone’s comment here saying that would fix it, but I have no idea what that is.

          • Zach says:

            I’m glad you got it working!

            Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to completely get rid of the constant crashing. I have a couple of suggestions for you:
            1. Make sure you’re using the latest nightly version of Dolphin.
            2. Change your audio backend in DSP settings.
            3. Switch the Dolphin renderer to D3D11, which is in Dolphin’s video settings.

            My suggestions simply come down to playing with various Dolphin settings in order to minimize crashing. I’m not sure if there’s a way to get the crashing to completely go away, but you can certainly minimize it.

            Good luck! If you figure out a way to stop the crashes (or at least minimize them), post your results here!

  73. Benjamin says:

    I can’t find the WAD file? Whenever I navigate to where you say, there is nothing there. I have done the NUS download correctly, and I receive the same messages that appear in the picture – yet there is nothing but a strange text file at the location.

    • Zach says:

      My apologies – that was the incorrect location. The correct location is “<Your NUS Downloader Folder>/titles/0000000100000024/<4 Digits Here>”. Please let me know if that works for you. I have updated the guide.

  74. Alexander says:

    Hey, so I am getting an issue when I attempt to open up boot.elf. I am on windows 8, and doubleclicking boot.elf just leads to it asking what program to use to open it. There is no ok button, just a list of programs or searching the app store for it.

    • Zach says:

      It sounds like you’re not opening boot.elf in Dolphin. Go to the File menu inside Dolphin, then Open, then browse to boot.elf and open it there.

  75. Ignacio says:

    I have the same problem as others from here. When i load boot.elf the image isn’t the same as the above, and when i launched the game, the brawl start. But this happens to me on the newwest version of the emulator, the dolphin 4.0 (i tried both x86 and x64). On the older version, the 3.5 it works fine for me. I think the problem is related with the SD card: the emulator isn’t loading it properly and i have two reasons:
    First, the emulator isn’t creating the directories /User/Wii. In the version 3.5, the emulator created them and created a sd.raw that i overwrote it with the one creaded in this process. I launch the brawl normaly to see if the emulator creates it, but no case.
    Second and most important, when i launched the game on the version 4 it shows a massegge like: “No sd codes found”:

    And in the version 3.5: “Sd codes found. Applying.”

    The problem is that i want to use the version 4, that works much better on brawl in my computer. Any idea? Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english!

    • Zach says:

      Your English is great!

      Thank you very much for your comment and investigation. I will have to update this guide for Dolphin 4.0, as it seems that is what is causing many people’s issues. I will update the guide tonight.

      Edit: The guide has been updated. The reason for your problems on later versions of Dolphin was the relocation of the Dolphin user folder. Please move “sd.raw” to “/Dolphin Emulator/Wii/” and your problems should disappear!

      • Nacho Durand says:

        Just only a recomendation: the “/Dolphin Emulator” folder is under “Documents” folder. I spend hours trying to found it.
        It would be great if you add this to the guide! Thanks! :)

        • Zach says:

          Thank you so much for catching that! I’m sorry I missed it. I included the string “<Your My Documents Folder>” in the original post, and it looks like WordPress markup completely deleted the string enclosed by “<>” symbols. I’ve corrected the guide. Thanks again!

  76. Shin says:

    I had the same problem and i fixed it.
    Try to leave the content of “homebrew” in one folder and inject it to your sd.raw
    False inject ( ProjectM/homebrew/contentofthefolderhomebrew)
    This will cause that no ProjectM screen will appear
    Right inject ( homebrew/contentofthefolderhomebrew )
    inject ( ProjectM/contentofthefolderhomebrew )
    That works for me.
    Let me know if this will fix your problem as well.

  77. SSL70 says:

    Yeah this sin’t working for me at all. I’ve correctly done this 10 times. It opened gecko correctly the first 3 times, but when I launched the game it just laucnhed the normal brawl thats completely new. So I tried scraping everything and trying all over again and now every time I open boot.elf it just a black screen. No gecko anymore. I can’t seem to fix this.

    • Zach says:

      I’m sorry; I don’t know what to say. This exact process has worked perfectly for me over the past few months. Perhaps you’re missing a step that I haven’t included here involving configuring Dolphin?

      • SSL70 says:

        Possibly, what settings would I need. I just tried it again, still black screen. I really have no idea what I’ve done wrong.

        • Zach says:

          I couldn’t say exactly which settings you need. Play around with Dolphin’s video settings. Can you play an unmodded game without problems?

          Edit: The guide has been updated. The reason for your problems on later versions of Dolphin was the relocation of the Dolphin user folder. Please move “sd.raw” to “/Dolphin Emulator/Wii/” and your problems should disappear!

      • SSL70 says:

        Could there be a way to just mod the iso directly by using wii scrubber?

  78. John says:

    I have the same problem as PJCR. I don’t see the Project M screen.

    • Zach says:

      The guide has been updated. The reason for your problems on later versions of Dolphin was the relocation of the Dolphin user folder. Please move “sd.raw” to “/Dolphin Emulator/Wii/” and your problems should disappear!

  79. kylesky says:

    Do i have to use a legit wiimote? Because i cant move from option to option.

  80. tora says:

    Why I can’t create save file for P:M?
    but,I can create that with dolphin v3.0-424
    I want to use the latest version

  81. Pjcr says:

    I keep getting an error whenever I try to open boot.elf
    Gecko 1.9 opens instead of Project M
    If I choose Launch Game, it opens the original SSBB without the Project M mod.


  82. Longrat says:

    Hey, I tried running an ISO, and I got the following window, any chance you could help me out?

  83. Peter Park says:

    What do I do when it comes up with this screen http://i.imgur.com/W0NYrF1.png

    • Zach says:

      To solve this problem, I found a Brawl save online and put it in my User folder. You should still be able to play without saving, but that is an annoying message. I will update the guide to include your message later tonight.

      • Kristen says:

        I’m not sure if I just can’t find a good save file or if I’m doing something wrong, but I absolutely can’t get Project M to create a save file. Do you have a link to the one that you downloaded?

        • Zach says:

          I don’t remember exactly which one I downloaded, but I updated the guide to include a link to a save you can import. Here it is! Unpack data.bin, open Dolphin, then the “Tools” menu –> “Import Wii Save” –> Browse to the downloaded save and open it.

          Please let me know if that works!

          • Peter says:

            The save file you link to is for Super Mario Galaxy according to my dolphin.

          • Zach says:

            That’s very strange – I JUST tried importing it, and it was a Brawl save.

          • Peter says:

            Well no matter what version I try importing on it goes to “524d4745″ which is SMG. And I exported my brawl save, once I finally got it working, and then when I try to import it goes to to correct folder of “52534245″.

          • Peter says:

            Also I know I am not crazy as I did not have an SMG save previous to the import of your file and I was able to load the save in SMG after import.

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