24 Beautiful Android Themes for CM Theme Chooser ROMs

24 Beautiful Android Themes for CM Theme Chooser ROMs

Android custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod 10.1 and 10.2, AOKP, and ParanoidAndroid enable users to apply a custom theme or skin to their device. These themes modify graphics such as the status bar, various icons, selection boxes, and list backgrounds. They come from multiple sources, including the Google Play Store and the XDA Developers forums. I have compiled an alphabetical list of 24 beautiful themes for all CM Theme Chooser ROMs. Enjoy!

24 Beautiful Android Themes

  1. Alloy Light Blue by Mac Designs
  • Blue
  • Flat

Alloy Light Blue - Mac Designs

  1. Aventador by Modulus Digital
  • Orange
  • Flashy

Aventador - Modulus Digital

  1. Berlin by Night by Joshuas_79
  • Magenta, Blue, Grey
  • Flashy

Berlin by Night

  1. Bluemint by Vicino
  • Blue
  • Glossy


  1. BOSS by ejatds
  • Steel Blue
  • Flat

BOSS v2.2.11 - ejatds

  1. Chromium by stumpy
  • Black, White
  • Flat

Chromium v2.4 - stumpy352

  1. Circle by LexReznichenko
  • Black, Red
  • Subtle


  1. Desk Theme by OskarCremonesi
  • Black, White, Blue
  • Flat

Desk Theme - OskarCremonesi

  1. Deus Ex Android Blue by Ramazor
  • Blue
  • Flashy

Deus Ex Android Blue

  1. Flatron Blue by Vicino
  • Teal, Grey
  • Subtle


  1. Flow by giannisgx89
  • Blue, Black
  • Glossy


  1. Gem Flat by Mac Designs
  • Steel Blue
  • Flat

Gem v1.1 - xlC-MAClx

  1. HoloGlass by Mix3d
  • White
  • Glassy


  1. Holo Green Light by Qasim Zia
  • Citrus Green
  • Holo

Holo Green Light - Qasim Zia

  1. Holoshade by jasonevil
  • Blue, Black
  • Flashy


  1. Infinite Blue by chzzz
  • Light Blue
  • Flashy

Infinite Blue - Chzzz

  1. Lucid by Sonny Sekhon
  • Black, White
  • Subtle


  1. LunarUi II by R3D X
  • Colorful
  • Flashy

LunarUi II - R3D X

  1. Mianogen by tung91
  • White
  • Subtle

Mianogen - tung91

  1. MIUI v4.1 by ZduneX25
  • White, Orange
  • Flat

MIUI v4.1 - ZduneX25

  1. MIUI v5 Darkness by jasonevil
  • Black, Orange
  • Glossy

MIUI v5 Dark - JasonEvil

  1. Signature Blue by ToxicThunder
  • Blue
  • Glossy

Signature Blue - ToxicThunder

  1. Simplex by Mac Designs
  • White, Light Grey
  • Subtle


  1. Torrid Teal by Kxnt
  • Dark Teal
  • Boxy and Flat

Torrid Teal

Please let me know what you think of these Android custom themes! I will continuously update this list as I find more themes in the future.

Thanks to Reddit user ByJoveByJingle for helping me add a few themes to this list!

I did not design any of these themes. If any of the above links go down, or you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for looking, and enjoy!

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15 comments on “24 Beautiful Android Themes for CM Theme Chooser ROMs
  1. I love the Alloy Light Blue by Mac Designs theme. Especially the lockscreen connect buttons.

  2. I think the most classy and ellagant icon pack are the gold chrome icons by stealthychief. Def my fav. Wish it was a free one.

  3. Ali says:

    just go to this site and u will have free paid themes

  4. Reiz3r says:

    gemflat is my favorite

  5. tjosegeek says:

    You offered a long list of CM themes for Custom ROM lovers. Good work.

  6. Julian Brany says:

    Well, the most beautiful theme in my opinion is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mac.theme.Simplex. Check it out! 🙂

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