17 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions You Should Use


Chrome is the most-used Internet browser in the world, and for good reasons – it’s fast, powerful, and well-designed. Users can also install extensions for Chrome via the Chrome Web Store, which further expand its functionality. I’ve compiled a list of 16 of my favorite Google Chrome extensions, most of which are integral to my browsing experience.

17 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions

  1. uBlock Origin – uBlock Origin is a lightweight extension that blocks ads all over the web, including YouTube ads. I make sure to disable AdBlock on the sites that don’t have intrusive ads that I want to support.
  1. Center Image – This is a simple extension that centers directly-viewed images in Chrome, such as this one.
  1. Checker Plus for Gmail – This is probably my favorite Chrome extension. Developer Jason Savard has done a fantastic job of creating a simple yet powerful Gmail checker with an immense number of options.
  1. Checker Plus for Google Calendar – Jason Savard does it again! His wonderful GCal checker is just as customizable as his Gmail checker.
  1. goo.gl URL Shortener – If you’ve ever wanted to share an impossibly long URL with a friend – or sneakily obfuscate one – this is a great extension. With one click, it shortens the URL of the page you’re on, and copies that link to your clipboard for easy pasting.
  1. Hangouts – Technically an “app” rather than extension, the Google Hangouts app is my current favorite method of communication via text, voice, and video chat. I recommend going into the app’s settings and disabling “Always On Top” and “Auto-hide conversations.”
  1. Hover Zoom – With Hover Zoom, you can hover your mouse over an image and view a full-size version of that image. It also works on direct links to images, like this one. Try it after installing the extension!
  1. LastPass – If you still use the same password for every website (BAD!), grab LastPass and the extension will generate secure passwords for new sites. It also acts as a password manager, storing all of your passwords and automatically filling them in.
  1. Linkclump  – Linkclump lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.
  1. Magic Actions for YouTube – I can’t browse YouTube without this extension anymore. With it, you can set the default quality on videos, dim everything on a video page but the player, and hide various elements of the site.
  1. MightyText – If you have an Android phone, MightyText will allow you to send and receive text messages from your browser.
  1. Pocket – Pocket is my favorite way to save websites to read them later. Pocket also has a great mobile application that lets you view your Pocket queue on-the-go.
  1. Pushbullet – Pushbullet for Chrome, as well as its companion mobile app, allows you to effortlessly “push” links, files, lists, and contact cards between all of your devices. It’s also my favorite way to share the same content with friends.
  1. Reddit Enhancement Suite – Anyone who uses Reddit should use Reddit Enhancement Suite, which brings a huge number of options and improvements to the Reddit experience.
  1. Search by Image – Google has a relatively unknown tool that allows you to search by an image. Right click on any image, select Search By Image, and get search results relevant to that image. It’s almost magical.
  1. YouTube Ratings Preview – With this extension, you can see a small ratings preview under each video thumbnail on YouTube. This quickly lets you know if a particular video is worth your time.
  1. YoWindow Weather – YoWindow is a beautfiul weather checker. It’s great for checking the temperature with a quick glance to the top-right of your browser. It also gives you a wealth of information with a single click in a beautiful window.

I hope you enjoy using these awesome Chrome extensions like I do! Let me know in the comments below if you use any other awesome Chrome extensions.

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2 comments on “17 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions You Should Use
  1. Shelly says:

    Godd list, here, Zach, thank you. I’d also include Zenmate (VPN extension), and Deskun (Gmail extension for scheduling and mailtracking).

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