Best Music of Q4 2018

For many years now, I’ve made one music playlist for every quarter of the year.┬áToday, I’d like to share with you a subset of my Q4 2018 playlist. The subset list is titled “2018 Q4 – Best of the Best”, and it consists of my favorite music that I’ve discovered or rediscovered during the final quarter of 2018.

Here’s “2018 Q4 – Best of the Best” on Spotify!

Here’s “2018 Q4 – Best of the Best” on Google Play Music!

It’s the best playlist I’ve come up with in recent memory. There’s something for everyone: Rock, chiptunes, oldies, drum ‘n’ bass, game soundtracks, EDM, and Bill Wurtz.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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